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RACCOMBAT: Preventing and Combatting Racism and Xenophobia through Social Orientation of Non-Nationals
Digital Tools for Inclusion of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants
ON-THE-MOVE - "The reality of free movement for young European citizens migrating in times of crisis
Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum (2014)
Protecting victims' rights in the EU; the theory and practice of diversity of treatment during the criminal trial
Annual Policy Report on Migration and Asylum 2011
Equality before the law
Study on the compatability of the Greek ligislation with the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities
Informing and Training employees of the first and second degree of self-government in the “New Architecture of Self-Government and Decentralized Administration – Kallikrates Programme” – Priority axes 4, 5 and 6 in the framework of the OPERATIONAL PROGRAM
Study on the potential to enhance the administration of education, in light of the ongoing legislative reforms in the field of public administration and local-government
Strategic Study for the restructuring and expansion of the role and competencies of the National Observatory for people with disabilities
Study and implementation of a model service for the coordination and delivery of welfare services at Prefecture self-government the level
Identification of key institutional contradictions, ambiguities and/or legal gaps in the institutional framework of education
Summary of the thematic legal study on homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation
Flash Report on fundamental human rights in 2009
Study on policies on reception, return, and integration arrangements and numbers of unaccompanied minors
Annual policy report 2008
Annual report on asylum and migration statistics 2007
The different national practices concerning granting of non – EU har-monized protection statuses, case of Greece
Programmes and strategies in the EU Member States fostering Assisted Return to and Reintegration in third countries
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